Choose the Best Water Heater Repair Services in Studio City

When water heater issues arise, it is important to have a trusted professional on-call, standing by to respond to your emergency. My Studio City Plumber Hero is the just the plumbing service in Studio City, CA, to help you in situations like these. Available around the clock, you can count on our certified technicians to respond fast when your water heater fails. From affordable water heater repair to unrivaled water heater replacement services, we have the answers you need!

Trying to decide between repair and replacement services? If you have a newer water heater, repairs may be the most economical way to address water heating issues. In many cases, the problem is relatively simple and can be fixed quickly. However, even if the issue is complicated, our certified technicians have the proper tools and experience to make repairs for less than what it would cost to replace the unit.

Is your water heater just a few years old? In situations like this the problem may still be covered under the unit’s warranty. When we send a local contractor to your home, they will check up on your warranty’s coverage and let you know if the repair is covered.

When to Choose Replacement Services

Water heaters that are between 8 – 13 years old may benefit from total replacement. When a water heater reaches this age, it may begin to experience problem after problem. These issues are not usually covered by warranties and the expense of repairing the unit frequently can begin to add up. If replacement services are deemed necessary, our contractors will help you find affordable options.

Let Us Help You with Gas and Electric Installation Services

Not only can we recommend water heaters, but we can install them too. For water heater installation services in Studio City that are backed by a 100% guarantee, call My Studio City Plumber Hero. We install gas, electric and tankless water heaters with ease and precision.  We can even help you dispose of your old water heater.

My Studio City Plumber Hero Recommends Regular Maintenance

How can you keep your water heater running longer? Regular maintenance is the answer. Yearly inspection services that include draining and cleaning of the tank can prolong the life of your unit and reduce sediment build-up, which can damage burning elements and make your water heater work harder.

For 24 hour assistance, pick up the phone or schedule an appointment online. We offer affordable repairs, worry-free pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction!