Toilet Repair and Replacement in Studio City, CA

Living with a faulty toilet is not living well. The inconvenience of dealing with a toilet that frequently clogs or an unleveled toilet is frustrating to say the least. At My Studio City Plumber Hero, we always put out customers first and deliver the best toilet repair and toilet installation in Studio City, CA!

Toilet Installation

Why is professional toilet installation important? For starters, it’s less for you. Why spend your free time watching how-to videos and wasting an entire day struggling with installing a toilet? Secondly, toilet installation isn’t as easy as it appears. Without the right tools or the right skills, you could end up damaging your new purchase and voiding any manufacturer warranties attached to the toilet. Why take the risk?

The licensed plumbers we work with have all the equipment and knowledge necessary to make sure your new toilet is installed without fail. The toilet will be leveled, the warranty intact, and, if a problem does arise, you can count on our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to cover the cost of repairs.

Clogged Toilet Repair

Have you been using the plunger too much lately? If your clogged toilet is no longer responding to the plunger, it’s time to consider a different option. Calling for professional plumbing service from a trusted plumbing company in Studio City, CA, is the first step in the right direction.

Our team of top-rated technicians has a number of drain cleaning solutions at their disposal that will take care of the toughest clogs. Using pressurized water treatments, our drain cleaning services don’t simply dissolve the clog. They clean the insides of the pipes to make sure water flows freely and isn’t caught by debris left behind.

I thought drain cleaning services were expensive?

If you’ve paid an arm and a leg for drain cleaning services in the past, then you haven’t worked with My Studio City Plumber Hero. We offer our customers a number of ways to save including coupons and specials. Check out our homepage or call us directly to find out about our latest drain cleaning specials.

Broken Toilet Repair

Do you have a cracked toilet seat? Does your toilet run for a long time before turning off? Have you noticed water leaking from around the toilet’s base? Don’t put off making these simple toilet repairs.

Leaky toilet bases usually indicate a bad toilet seal. A cracked toilet seat is a straightforward job, and replacing broken hardware inside your toilet’s tank can stop a running toilet in its tracks. Our plumbing pros are available at your request to fix the following problems:

  • Flush valves
  • Flapper valves
  • Toilet handles
  • Toilet seals
  • Toilet seats
  • And more!

Call us today and we’ll quote you a price over the phone for simple toilet repairs in Studio City, CA.

Don’t put off toilet repairs any longer because the longer you wait, the more likely the chances are that something major will go wrong. You can reach a friendly plumbing associate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – holidays and weekends, too!