Get Professional Garbage Disposal Repair or Installation Services for Less when You Call My Studio City Plumber Hero!

Living with an ineffective or broken garbage disposal misses the point of what this kitchen sink appliance is all about. Garbage disposals are supposed to be convenient and helpful, not a source of frustration and contempt. If you’ve been at war with your garbage disposal for way too long, call us today and we’ll send a plumbing expert to your home to make repairs right away.

Garbage Disposal Repair You Can Afford

Have you been putting off calling for help because you don’t want to spend the money on repairs? You’re not alone. Many people put up with damaged garbage disposals because they think that the cost to repair the unit will be astronomical. While some plumbing companies in Studio City, CA, may charge outrageous amounts for repair service, we don’t.

We know that making repairs sooner rather than later is the number one way to prevent mechanical failure that requires full system replacement. This is why we offer our customers special deals, coupons, and everyday low prices to make repairing unproductive garbage disposals affordable.

Professional Maintenance Tips

It is important to maintain your garbage disposal to keep it working well for many years. If you’re not sure of the dos and don’ts of operating your disposal, give us a call. We have many professional maintenance tips we can pass along to you. Here are just a few examples of what you can do to keep your disposal is good, working condition:

  • Do not overfill your disposal. If you have a lot of food waste to grind up, feed the disposal small batches at one time. This puts less stress on the motor.
  • Keep non-biodegradable items away from the sink. Objects such as silverware, plastic ties, food wrappers, and other miscellaneous items found in a kitchen are detrimental to your garbage disposal’s operation if they fall into the kitchen sink by mistake.
  • If your disposal stops working, call for professional plumbing service right away. Don’t attempt to make repairs on your own if you do not have a plumbing background.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Did a plumbing technician tell you repairs aren’t possible? Maybe, you are purchasing a garbage disposal for the first time? In either case, we can help you chose a new disposal and provide you with warrantied, first-rate installation service that will ensure the disposal is installed correctly.

For a complete list of all the plumbing services we offer Studio City residents, give us a call today!