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Protect your Studio City home and contact My Studio City Plumber Hero for outstanding, state-of-the-art, electronic leak detection services today! We offer our customers the best inspections for plumbing leaks in town. Our team of certified, independent contractors is trained in the latest methods for detecting the source of water leaks fast and with 100% accuracy. They do all of this without breaking your concrete slab into a million pieces or excavating your yard. When you demand quality service at reasonable prices, then look no further than My Studio City Plumber.

Finding the Source of Slab Leaks

Determining the source of the water leak in your basement or beneath the concrete slab of a home without a basement is the first step in protecting your property from water damage. Slab leaks start as the result of any number of issues. A few of the most common reasons these leaks rear their ugly, little heads are:

  • Natural wear and tear
  • Age of the piping
  • Corrosion due to poor water quality
  • Badly installed plumbing
  • Weakened or stressed pipes due to frequent obstructions

When we send one of our licensed contractors to your property, they will use knowledge and skill as well as the electronic equipment on their vehicles to determine what caused the issue.

Repairing Slab Leaks

After the cause has been determined, the technician will speak with you about the best repair options. Sometimes all that is necessary is a small repair using an epoxy solution. However, there are times when more extensive repairs may need to be discussed. The goal is to fix the problem once and for all to avoid future problems.

Slab leak repair can be complex. You may need pipe rerouting or localized pipe repair. It may also be necessary to talk about water pressure issues and water quality problems. If you have hard water, the sediments may build back up into the pipes and cause another slab leak in the future. The plumbing specialist may suggest installing a whole house water filter or water softener to improve the quality of the water.

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