4 Reasons You Need Toilet Replacement Service

Area plumbers in Studio City can help you decide if you need toilet replacement or toilet repair. People don’t replace toilets as often as they replace other plumbing fixtures or appliances in their homes. This is because toilets are built to last for years. Although the idea is to get many years of usage out of toilets, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to upgrade. Here are some instances when it’s a better idea to install a new toilet.

Persistent Clogging

Is your toilet not doing its job anymore? Persistent clogs can be a sign of many drain and sewer issues, but when major problems have been ruled out it may just be that you need a new toilet. Your Studio City plumber can let you know if toilet repair service is a waste of time and if replacement is the better option.

Cracked Commodes

The majority of toilets are made from porcelain that can crack, especially in the bowl. A crack on the lid isn’t something to be worried about because lids can be replaced. However, a crack in the bowl can’t be repaired and it can lead to leaks. The moment you notice a crack, we suggest you stop using the toilet right away and call for toilet replacement.

Internal Damage

Water that is leaking from the toilet is an obvious problem. However, there are plenty of internal leak issues that homeowners aren’t always aware of. These leaks can be just as damaging. Toilets that run nonstop, hiss back at you when the toilet isn’t working, or display other signs of – err- possession, should be checked by a licensed plumber.

Aging Toilets

Toilets that were manufactured before the EPA wrote the Energy Policy Act of 1992 are not as energy-efficient as their younger cousins. If you live in an older home, it’s possible that you could be using toilets that are 30, 40, 50, or more years old. So, if you toilet has seen the changing of multiple Presidents and witnessed The Beatles rise to fame, it may be time to purchase a new toilet.

Call a Studio City Plumber for Professional Toilet Repair and Installation

When in doubt about the efficiency of your home’s toilets, call Studio City Emergency Plumber & Drain for complete evaluation. Our certified plumbers will examine your toilets for any problems and make suggestions for repair or replacement. Our estimates are always free and professional installation ALWAYS guaranteed!

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